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Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút
SECTION A: Phonetics ( 10 points)
I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
(5 points)
1   -A.  fine
B. kind
C. nine
D. tin
2   -A. slow       
B. go                 
C. nobody
D. do
3   -A. amazing
B. apartment
C. address
D. armchair
4   -A. clothes
B. watches 
C. benches
D. classes
5   -A. clock
B. come
C. class
D. city
II. Odd one out.( 5points)
A. knee
B. gray
C. nose 
D. toe
A. thirsty
B. tired.
C. hungry 
D. danger
A. summer
B. fall
C. weather
D. spring.
A. apple
B. . coffee   
C. milk
D. tea
A. painter
B. flower
C. driver
D. farmer

SECTION B: Grammar and vocabulary ( 35 points).
I. Choose the correct answer, circling letter A,B,C, or D( 10 points )
1. Look! That boy ___________trash on the street.
A. leave                     B. leaves           leaving                     D.  is going to leave.
2.Does he want________ his grandfather.
A. visit                      B. visits                      C. visiting              visit.
3. There isn't _________rice in the bowl
A. a few                    B. a little                     C. much                          D. some.
4. He _______ beef or chicken.=
A. never eats             B. eats never               C. is never eating   never eating 
5. He _______ pick flowers
A. should not            B. shoulds not             C. don't should                D. does't should.
6. He's from Canada . He _______English.
A. speak                    B. speaks                     C. is speaking                D. is going to speak.
7. She _______ much money.
A. need                      B. needn't                    C.  don't need                D. doesn't need
8.Don't _________flowers.
A. pick                      B. picks                        C. picking                      D. to pick.
9. This week, he.________ by bus.
A. travel                   B. travels                       C. traveling          traveling.
10______going to the museum?
A. Let's                    B. Why don't                   C. What about               D. Do you want
II. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets (10 points)
1. My sister _______ (not be)  in her room at the moment. She________ (cook) in the kitchen.
2. What she_______ (do)? - He is going to visit Ho Chi Minh city.
3. Would you like______ (have) breakfast with eggs, children?
4. Let’s ______ (meet)  at 7 o’clock in front of the  park.
5. My mother ______( brush) her teeth every night.
6. your mother ______ (go) to school by bus every day?
7. Don’t talk so loudly, please! My son_______(sleep) in the next room.
   8. We_______(not go)  on Sunday.
   9. They _____( wait) for me at the corner now.
   10. The Sun (rise)_____ in the East.

III. Give the correct form of the words in capital in brackets.(10 points)
1.The animals are in_____ (danger).
2. The Mekong River is _______ river in Viet Nam . ( long )
3. These flowers are _________than these trees ( beautiful)
4. He is a________  of English  at a high school.(teach).
5. It's an interesting_______ (play).

6. She likes_____ sweets.(eat).
7. Lan is the______ girl in her class.(beauty)
 8. We don’t like going in his car as he is a________ driver(care).
9. We need two _______ for cooking the lunch ( knife).
10.My parents are______.(farm)

IV. Fill in the blank with one preposition.( 5points)
1. She does her homework.________ the evening (in / on / at / to)
2. There are many big trees _________my school.( next/ behind/ in/ on )
3. My apartment is_______ the fifth floor .(at/ from/ on / to)
4. _______the right of my house there is a hotel.( near. next to/ on / to )
5. My birthday is________ March 5th, 1998.( on/ in / at/to/)

                              SECTION C: Reading comprehension ( 30 points).
I.Read the passage carefully the answer the questions below it.( 5points)
       Antarctica ( Nam Cực ) is a snow-covered continent.( lục phủ đầy tuyết )The average temperature (Nhiệt độ trung bình )at the South Pole is     -51C. Few plants or animals can live on the land- it is too cold for them. There are a few scientists from different countries who live and work on special (đặc biệt )bases in Antarctica. On midsummer's day(Vào ngày giữa mùa hè của )( December 22nd) there is a daylight for 24 hours and so during this period(thời gian) a few tourists ships and planes come to see this strange land(vùng đất xa lạ). But in winter there is no daylight for months. It must be terrible place(nơi khủng khiếp) during the winter. The snow is always there- winter and summer – but in fact (thực tế), little snow falls in the year ( an average of 12-20 cm). People say that it can be a beautiful place . At first , it appears frightening (nó xuất hiện đáng sợ) but after a little time(sau khi một ít thời gian) , some people fall in love with it.
1-                What is the weather like in Antarctica?.................................................................................
2-                Why can few plants and animals live in Antarctica?.................................................................
3-                Where do the scientists come from?..............................................................................
4-                How many tourist ships and planes come to see this strange land?
5-                What is always there in winter and summer?
II. Fill in each space in the following passage with one suitable word.(10point)
We are destroying(phá hủy) the Earth. The seas and rivers are (1)______dirty (bẩn )to swim in. There is too (2)_____smoke in the air many cities in the world. We are cutting( 3)____too many trees. We (4)_____burning(đốt)the forests. We are also destroying (5)____ of plants and (6)_____.Many areas (diện tích ) ( 7)______Earth are wasteland(khu đất hoang). Farmers in many parts of the world can not ( 8)_____enough (kha khá )to eat. In some countries (9)____ is too little rice . The Earth is in (10)_____ Save (tiết  kiệm  )the Earth !.

III. Read the passage the choose the correct answer to each question . Circle A, B, C or D

 Minh and his friends always have a picnic on the weekend. They are going to have a picnic near a lake next Saturday. Nam is going to bring some drinks .Lan is going to bring some food. Minh is going to bring a tent. First , they are going to have fried chicken, bread,  salad, apples and soda. After that , They are going to walk for one or two hours . Finally , they are going to take some photos and go home.
1-                What are Minh and his friends going to do on the weekend?
A-              They are going to have a picnic.
B-               They are going to go to the movie.
C-               They are going to visit the museum.
D-              They are going to go fishing.
2-                What is Lan going to bring?
A-              She is going to bring a tent
B-                She is going to bring some food.
C-                She if going to bring a camera.
D-               She is going to bring some drinks.

3-       What is Minh going to bring?
A-     He is going to bring some food.
B-     He is going to bring a kite.
C-     He is going to bring some fruits.
D-     He is going to bring a tent.
4-       What are they going to do there?
A-     They are going to have some food and drinks.
B-     They are going to ride their bikes.
C-     They are going to swim
D-     They are going to fly their kites
5-       What are they going to have?
A-     Meat, vegetables, fruits and soda. 
B-     Meat, vegetables and water.
C-     Fish, vegetables , fruits and juice.
D-     Vegetables, soda, fish , and fruits.
IV. Read the passage the choose the word or phrase the best fits each space by circle A, B, C, or D.(10points)
   I don’t usually eat breakfast. I only have _______(1) of coffee. I don’t eat _______ (2) until about eleven o’clock. Then I have a biscuit and a glass of _______ (3) . For lunch I usually have a salad. That’s _______ (4) about two o’clock. I have _______(5) at half pass six in the afternoon. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat _______(6) or fish. I eat cheese and eggs and things like that. I have a glass of water or fruit _______(7) with my meals.
At the weekends, I go to a _______(8) in the evenings. You can_______(9) vegetarian meals in a _______(10) restaurants now.
A. a packet
B. a cup
C. a can
D. a bar
A. any
B. some
C. anything
D. something
A. peas
B. rice
C. chocolates
D. milk
A. at
B. on
C. in
D. of
A. breakfast
B. lunch
C. dinner
D. supper
A. meat
B. rice
C. vegetables
D. noodles
A. water
B. soda
C. juice
D. lemonade
A. store
B. restaurant
C. shop
D. apartment
A. get
B. getting
C. to get
D. gets
A. many
B. much
C. dozen
D. lot of

                                 SECTION D: Writing (25 points)
 I. There are ten mistakes in the following passage . Find them and write your corrections in the numbered space provided.(10points)
    Miss Hoa live in a small house on Hanoi. She teaches English at a school there. She usually is breakfast in seven in the morning and she has dinner at twelve o'clock in the canteen of the school. She teaches his students in the morning. She teaches them dialogues on Wednesdays to Fridays. On Mondays, she teach them grammar. On the evening, she usually stays at home and listens books. She sometimes goes to the movie theatre. She always go to bed at ten o'clock
 II. Rewrite each of  the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same
as the sentence   printed before it . Use the words given and do not change their form.(5points)
     1. Does Phong's school have fifteen classrooms
→Are there ___________________________________?
2. My father usually drives to work.
     -> He ________________________________________
3.Phuong has a brother, Nam.
→Phuong ____________________________________
4.What is the length of the Great Wall?
→How long __________________________________?
5. There are a lot of flowers in my garden.
1→My garden ________________________________
III. Rewrite the sentences so that the meanings stay the same.(5points)
1.                 She is smaller than her sister.
2.                 My house is behind the hotel
3.                 No houses in this street are older than his house.
4.                 Her school has five hundred students.
5.                 What time do you go to school?         
6.                  I go to school at half past six.
IV. Complete the sentences using the given words . Make any changes if necessary.(5points)
1. my aunt / have / small garden / and / grow/ few flowers need/ more food/ because/ more people.
3.we/ do / many /  bad things/ environment.
4. when/ not need/ light/ you / switch / it.

5.there/ much/ noise/ many vehicles/ city.
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